About me

steven-imageFrom the age of about 13 I was already dragging my friends in front of my camcorder and tripod set up, repeatedly hitting them with sticks, then adding my own sound effects before proudly displaying my “Star Wars” skit to family and friends. Since then, I’m glad to say, I have honed and focused my skills into far more useful areas, although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the sticks a little bit.

Now at the age of 25, I am working as a videographer, editor and motion graphics artist.  In my spare time I love using my skills to put smiles on other peoples faces and memories on their screens. As an individual who thrives on variety in life, this field offers me new experiences daily, something I shall never take for granted. The opportunities I have, the skills I have acquired, and the knowledge that has been gifted to me; a lot of it is down to the wonderful people around me that took time out of their lives to add to mine.

It seems only fair then, that I share what I have with others too.  And the more smiles I receive from happy customers, the happier I am as a person.