Robyn and Tim

A wedding like no other indeed, this had myself and my colleague receiving a stack of notes to rival a 3rd year Engineering students’ from the bride. A day followed to the letter, the two lawyer’s Robin and Timothy had a much more off the walls and different setting to most. Granting us access to the … More Robyn and Tim

Tarryn and Jason

Tarryn’s wedding was a wonderful family affair, with lots of fun and laughter thrown into the mix. Held in Hout Bay all at a single location, a Wedding Videographer’s dream no less, did not in anyway detract from the atmosphere of this wonderful occasion. The grounds were beautiful and the couple even more so.

Carla and Brendon

Located on an Equestrian Farm in Stellenbosch, Brendon and Carla got married with probably my favorite wedding so far. The atmosphere was dreamy, there was a gorgeous mix of traditional and contemporary ideas, and everyone had a smile on their face through. An honor, to say the least, to have been able to experience this day … More Carla and Brendon

Hailey and Rex

Of all the wine farms I have seen through this job, this one takes the wedding cake. Congratualtions to Hailey and Rex for not only picking a beautiful venue, but a beautiful wedding too.  It was such a happy and celebrated family affair.  The brides choice of vintage theme was set off beautifully amidst the … More Hailey and Rex

Adre and Petr

Petr and Adre’s wedding was such a happy one.  Petr just could not stop smiling all day long. Seriously, I think he only had his mouth closed when he kissed her.  It was precious to see the evident love these two people shared.

Gailene and Nathan

One of the more different and interesting wedding themes to film, Gailene and Nathan opted for a Steam Punk Wedding, and held the entire thing in Truth Coffee Shop on Long Street. A challenging yet rewarding wedding to film.

Nathaniel and Chene

Nathaniel and Chene shared such a special day on their. A huge mix of emotions swirled within their hearts throughout the day; Nervousness, Joy, Anticipation… But above it all was Love. Few couples can claim to have reached the high that these two now sit on.