Ben and Marianne

Ben and Marianne exuded a love that was so visible, so undeniable tangible it was hard to take a single shot of them that was not gorgeous.  Their love for each other was matched only by their love for their family, friends and God as they spent the day celebrating the beginning of their new … More Ben and Marianne

Clyde and Janine

The wedding of Clyde and Janine was a family oriented, God-centered affair.  The day was spent reflecting on journeys passed, and those still to come, not to mention South Africa’s world cup victory that morning.  It was really a pleasure to be part of this wonderful wedding celebration.

Illhaam and Faizal

This was the first Muslim Cultural wedding I had filmed, and it was a visual and sensory explosion, from the beautiful outfits worn by the bride to the acres of culinary delights for the reception feast. Surrounded by their family and friends, this was a recipe for memorable moments.

Amanda and Hylke

  Amanda’s wedding featured a beautiful mix local and foreign flavor. With the brides family coming from all over the peninsula, and the groom’s side hailing from the Netherlands, this wedding was as diverse in people as it was unique in it’s setting.  

Jade and Richard

This simple and beautiful wedding had these two lovebirds finally joined together in the presence of God, family and friends, with a few joyful tears thrown in for good measure.  The love between the couple was very evident, and it was a privilege to be part of their special day.

Tarryn and Adrian

You can’t go wrong with a wedding on a wine estate in Paarl, and this one was no exception with its beautiful “Chapel” made of ivy and a gorgeous glass walled reception venue. After an engagement of 3 years, this day was long awaited and deserved.  The look on Adrian’s face when he saw his … More Tarryn and Adrian

Carla and Brendon

Located on an Equestrian Farm in Stellenbosch, Brendon and Carla got married with probably my favorite wedding so far. The atmosphere was dreamy, there was a gorgeous mix of traditional and contemporary ideas, and everyone had a smile on their face through. An honor, to say the least, to have been able to experience this day … More Carla and Brendon

Adre and Petr

Petr and Adre’s wedding was such a happy one.  Petr just could not stop smiling all day long. Seriously, I think he only had his mouth closed when he kissed her.  It was precious to see the evident love these two people shared.

Nathaniel and Chene

Nathaniel and Chene shared such a special day on their. A huge mix of emotions swirled within their hearts throughout the day; Nervousness, Joy, Anticipation… But above it all was Love. Few couples can claim to have reached the high that these two now sit on.