Christy and Jacie

Christie and Jacie married in the gorgeous surroundings of Jonkershoek Valley on a perfect spring day. Their joy and happiness was tangible. and was made complete by those of their family and friends who celebrated with them.

Chloe and Tyrell

  Tyrell and Chloe were a beautiful couple sharing an equally beautiful day on the Backsburg Wine Estate. It was a wonderfully simple and elegant wedding; from the decor to the mood everything was gentle and graceful, filled with laughter and love from dawn to dusk.

Jess and Rensu

Rensu and Jessica’s wedding was a intimate celebration with family and friends in a gorgeous location in Durbanville.  Whilst the bride and groom were being photographed, everyone enjoyed the various games on offer in the garden which lent such a special touch to the event.

Fundiswa and Masimba

Fundiswa and Masimba had a wedding celebration that simply radiated pure South African spirit which was a treat to be part of. Without a doubt, the longer it went on, the more Joy was felt. Spontaneous singing and dancing were a norm, everyone knew everyone else, and the frivolities never stopped.

Chelsea and Keegan

Chelsea and Keegan’s wedding was a beautifully traditional Wedding celebration. complimented by the equally beautiful couple. With a gorgeous reception held in Stellenbosch, his couple enjoyed their day in each others arms, the smiles never leaving their faces.

Robyn and Tim

A wedding like no other indeed, this had myself and my colleague receiving a stack of notes to rival a 3rd year Engineering students’ from the bride. A day followed to the letter, the two lawyer’s Robin and Timothy had a much more off the walls and different setting to most. Granting us access to the … More Robyn and Tim

Tarryn and Jason

Tarryn’s wedding was a wonderful family affair, with lots of fun and laughter thrown into the mix. Held in Hout Bay all at a single location, a Wedding Videographer’s dream no less, did not in anyway detract from the atmosphere of this wonderful occasion. The grounds were beautiful and the couple even more so.

Hailey and Rex

Of all the wine farms I have seen through this job, this one takes the wedding cake. Congratualtions to Hailey and Rex for not only picking a beautiful venue, but a beautiful wedding too.  It was such a happy and celebrated family affair.  The brides choice of vintage theme was set off beautifully amidst the … More Hailey and Rex

Gailene and Nathan

One of the more different and interesting wedding themes to film, Gailene and Nathan opted for a Steam Punk Wedding, and held the entire thing in Truth Coffee Shop on Long Street. A challenging yet rewarding wedding to film.